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Private Charter

J & L Shuttle Service is based in Medicine Hat and provides Intra-Provincial Charter Services which may be from ½ day trip or as many days as needed.

We will take you anywhere in Alberta at your time. Use it for Private Airport Rides, Weddings, Guest Transportation. 

Our Fleet  consists of 11 vehicles with different seating capacities (from 11 to 23 passengers) and extra space for your luggage.

We provide comfortable, safe transportation, and meet your needs. 

Please contact us for a quote and availability at

or by phone    403-528-8851

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Daily Shuttle

Currently, we are running two shuttles per day. We leave Medicine Hat  at 8:00 am and 12:00 noon. Our 1st shuttle leaves Calgary anywhere between 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm. Our 2nd shuttle leaves Calgary anywhere between 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm. We will give you a call the night before (after 6:00 pm) and will confirm your exact time for pick up.

Please ask your driver for our membership card. After every 6 rides you will get the 7th one FREE! 


Membership cards can be acquired from our drivers upon request. It can only be used by the person named on the card. ID verification will be required if the name on the card does not match the name of the booked person. The cards are not transferable to persons outside the cardholder. On the day you receive your sixth stamp, you have to submit the card to the driver and your next ride will be FREE. You can not use the "free ride" on the day of the card submission.  It is the passenger's responsibility to request the stamp for a trip. Trips taken prior to acquiring the card or missed stamps requested for a trip will not be covered or tracked. 

PRICE LIST    (Price will be changed on July 15, 2024)

Medicine Hat to Calgary   $70

Medicine Hat to Brooks    $50

Medicine Hat to Bassano $50

Brooks to Calgary   $60

Bassano to Calgary $50

Strathmore to Calgary $40

Children 7 years and younger - $20 less than adult price.

* Pick up at Calgary Airport - costs additional $35 

** All prices include GST 

*** All payments must be made prior to the date of travel. Payment has to be made by e-transfer to, debit/credit online or over the phone, or cash at our office.

Now we make stops at:  

Redcliff   Suffield   Brooks   Bassano   Strathmore   Chestermere   


Drop Off and Pick Up points in Calgary:

  • Calgary International Airport

  • North Hill Mall

  • Chinook Mall

  • Peter Lougheed Hospital

  • Acclaim Hotel by Clique Calgary Airport

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